Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior Major Transfer

Written by sports guru- Wallace Muya:

This is the world record transfer ever seen in the footballing history. Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior as is pronounced in the his native Brazilian Portuguese language has made history on this transfer window from Barcelona to Paris saint Germaine (PSG).

Brazilian football superstar

Well of course money here is the most motivating thing but Neymar would also be comfortable leaving Barca. In his career he has seen it all with the legal taxation challenges of the Spanish government.

The 25 year old soccer star was fined $66 million last year for tax evasion by the authorities but luckily he got a reprieve when the fine was reduced by half to $33 million.

Neymar world footballer

This raises the question not only of why Neymar would want to leave a club that over the past decade has enjoyed extraordinary success while redefining the tactical parameters of the game to join a French club that has never got beyond the magical quarterfinal of the Champions League, but also how that club can possibly afford it while complying with financial fair play regulations the game.

French clubs might find their way to the top of the prestigious Ballon d’Or. The award though French based has over time not seen a single French club produce a player but with the wit that is Neymar chances are ripe for the Ballon d’Or award to find it’s way back home.

The money game

Back in France 🇫🇷 many are asking the all important questions of how the club will afford the wages that will run into hundreds of dollars weekly. The club is today run and bankrolled by Qatari Sports Investment, the sovereign wealth fund representing the Qatari royal family.

These and many other questions may be shelved for other days as the club is ready to hit the ground running for the major cups back home and in Europe.

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