Queer Memories Of Rio Olympics 2016

Written by sports guru- Wallace Muya:

The South American continent was previllaged to host the summer Olympics of 2016. Brazilian city of Rio brightened up the whole world hosting virtually all select athletes who competed in different fields from 5th August 2016 to 21st August 2016.

Centennial games

Maracanã Stadium brought together representatives of 207 nations representing 11,237 athletes. All the athletes participated in 306 events in the 16 days of not just sports but 16 days of sporting extravaganza pomped with color and the generosity of the Brazilian people.

Rio summer games

The coastal city did not just host athletes in their very different disciplines but too the city brought the worlds finest tourists who graced too the many events that were in town. This was an indication that the city of Rio was to host other tourist even long after the games were over.

Celebrity games

Maracanã Stadium;

The opening games and closing ceremony was held in the mighty complex. Major football, athletics and field events were held inside. Other sports were held in the adjacent stadias within the locality of Maracanã.

Olympic city

First entrants;

The games had new entrants to the surprise of world. South Sudan, Kosovo and The Olympic Refugees Team were among the new teams that featured in the games.

World sports center

The centennial games had many records set and broken in different fields that were represented. Top among them were in swimming, track and field not forgotting others like boxing, football and many others.

Olympics athletics

The centennial games were the first event under the Olympic  leadership that is International Olympic Committee (IOC) of Thomas Bach. Under his stewardship he had promised a number of changes and they were evident in Rio.

Olympic movement games

The games were rocked by several controversies before and while the games were ongoing. First the president of Brazil had been impeached leading to the games being officially opened by the Vice President of the country.

World sports Olympic


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