First Ever FIFA World Cup In Africa 2010

Written by sports guru- Wallace Muya:

The magical football game found its way into African soil by surprise. The phrase ‘Africa is on the rise’ set the stage for many unexplored opportunities that the continent has to offer.

Football game Cup

  • The one month old tournament which kicked of on 11th June 2010 all the way to 11th July 2010 brought about the spirit of the soccer culture to live and showcasing the rich African culture. The games reminded the world that we have a common agenda as a people to promote our rich diverse talents.

The 64 matches played by the 32 worlds finest nations in football game were spread in 9 hosts cities with a record 10 venues. The limbo surprise was the attendance fact of  3,178,856 averaging to 49,670 per match.


Spain 🇪🇸 came out as the best team of the tournament. The surprise in the win was not a surprise to the host continent and the teams there from. African teams can do better with time they did showcase.

Football winners

Tournament final game;

Johannesburg was the host city with the most beautiful stadium in the continent ‘the soccer city’ stadium. Spain defeated Netherlands 1-0 to emerge the worlds greatest. The 116th minute goal by Adreas Iniesta brought tears of joy and tears of grief to the loosing team.

World event sports

World Cup entertainment;

The games yes were entertaining with lots of great moves worth fans short memory rememberance but there was more to that. The world had to taste the rich South African cuisines and not forgetting the rest of Africa was in town offering moral care to their host sister.

Shakira song

The soccer extravaganza theme song ‘wake waka’ broke the racial barriers associated with host nations culture. This was the best moment of the games memorable story. The award winner Lebanese-Colombian singer, songwriter, dancer, and record producer made history with her African mix of the theme song that to date is a hit globally.



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