Confusion has engulfed the National Olympic Committee of Kenya’s (Nock) over resolutions arrived at on Tuesday during Extra ordinary General Assembly in Nairobi. Nock’s first vice president, Ben Ekumbo, insisted the meeting resolved that there would be fresh nomination of candidates ahead of the September 29 elections, but member federations that attended the meeting have disputed Ekumbo’s statement, saying the meeting resolved that there would be no fresh nominations.


The confusion appears to originate from the return of Nock’s current president Kipchoge Keino who had failed to get a federation to propose him for a new term during the aborted May 5 elections. This left the legendary long distance runner Paul Tergat unopposed for the top seat. However, Keino is expected to issue a statement on Friday regarding his candidature though he has said he is going to defend his seat.


Said Keino on Wednesday.

“I now have a federation and I should make an official announcement on Friday,”

On the other hand, Tergat said he doesn’t fear being challenged for the presidency in the coming election.


said Tergat.

“What I am happy about is that a date has been set for the election and I am confident of victory,”

Kenya Rugby Union chairman Richard Omwela on Wednesday indicated that the meeting did not agree on fresh nomination of candidates in totality, adding that officials only resolved to allow federations that had been barred from the aborted election a chance to field candidates.


Said Omwela.

“We agreed for the status quo to remains as per the previous nominations but we opened a window for federations that had cases in court to forward their nominations,”

Omwela said International Olympics Committee was clear that there should be no fresh nominations.

“Whether or not they go against the IOC directive, we shall still defeat them in the elections. We want to clean up Nock,” said Omwela. “Keino can’t be a candidate as he failed to get a proposer. Nothing has changed since then,”


Kenya Table Tennis Association president Andrew Mudibo said that the meeting discussed the matter but the officials did not agree to a new nomination process.The May 5 elections were stopped following a High Court injunction by Kenya Taekwondo Association, which had been barred from participating in the exercise due to internal wrangles in its ranks.

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