Key Features to Look for in a Shoe

Written by sports guru- Wallace Muya:

Gravity, the force that attracts a body toward the center of the earth. Have you ever thought of how gravity helps in walking? By picking a perfect or right pair of shoe goes a long way in creating a healthy running routine.


Blisters, arch pain, ankle niggles, uncomfortable Achilles, tight calf, knee pain, hip discomfort and lower backache are clear indications that your shoes are not doing their role. Go for a shoe that is appropriate for the activities you are taking part in. For instance, runners should go for a shoe that will offer support or cushioning especially when running on hard surfaces. Running shoes have cushioned soles designed to act as a shock absorber on impact to protect you on every stride.

Comfortable sports shoes

  1. Understanding your gait and running style is the most important thing that you can do when buying new running shoes. Running starts with your feet, so if you are already off alignment in your lower body, each step is another opportunity for you to be injured. Having the right kind of shoe that is properly aligning your foot really sets you off in the right direction for healthy training

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A running shoe should have a full thumbnail’s worth empty space in the front of the shoe when you first trying it on. Since when running, your feet swell and expand, therefore the space in the shoe should be able to accommodate them.

It is important to note, whenever you get a shoe, workout slowly into your current running routine to avoid unnecessary foot pain.

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You should be able to point out when to get another shoe, don’t wait till everyone notices that you need another one. The mid sole help you to tell its time to replace the existing pair. When the wrinkles on the shoe starts cracking, its time to do a replacement.

Getting the shoe may be slightly costly, but in the end, it may be the best investment you make.


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