Key Features to Look for in a Shoe

Written by sports guru- Wallace Muya: Gravity, the force that attracts a body toward the center of the earth. Have you ever thought of how gravity helps in walking? By picking a perfect or right pair of shoe goes a long way in creating a healthy running routine. Blisters, arch pain, ankle niggles, uncomfortable Achilles, […]

A Must Pre-Nutrition to Follow for A Successful Workout

Written by sports guru- Wallace Muya: Ever thought of why you are not supposed to exercise on an empty stomach? For long-hour workouts, you need energy during strenuous exercise and nutrients to repair muscles afterwards. Therefore, good nutrition helps you perform better and recover faster after each workout. First step is to know what is […]

Four Strange Foods You Should Look For As An Athlete

Written by sports guru- Wallace Muya: It is true most of the athletes do eat well but quite a number of them don’t take care of their bodies with good nutrition. Quality nutritional methods promises good performance. The best food contain the necessary nutrients, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents and anti-cancer properties to improve athletic performance, enhance […]

Deadly Hydration Facts That’s Life Threatening

Written by sports guru- Wallace Muya. Water is the source of life in any living being, whether you are an athlete or a non-athlete. To a non – athlete they believe water helps in shinier hair, younger skin, healthier body and all those reasons are true and beneficial, but to an athlete water is essential […]

Recommended Healthy Foods For An Athlete To Eat

Written by sports guru- Wallace Muya. An athlete has to be careful with what they consume since their body requires nutrients to help them gain endurance and energy to sustain them in the game. Think of carbohydrates, proteins, vegetables, iron and vitamins are a healthy balanced sports diet. Different sports has different sportsmen and their […]