Boston Marathon: Untold Stories And Why The World Should Know

Written by Sports guru- Wallace Muya.

Ever thought of running and rising to fame, think Boston marathon. The annual event shapes the world athletics calendar and the event is a command in the global sports calendar.

Boston annual marathon

The annual event which began in 1897 after a successful summer Olympics of 1896 the American most adored occasion carries the prestige and honor that any major event would bring. This has made the city of Boston to be associated with marathon.

Premier American event

Boston Athletics Association (BAA) has been managing the inaugural annual event since inception in Runners holding American flags and a Chinese flag cross the finish line shortly after completing the final mile of the Boston Marathon course during “#onerun” in Boston, Massachusetts, May 25 year 2013. Since then amateurs and professionals have without fail braved the hilly Massachusetts terrains in the spirit of true sportsmanship.

The Annual Marathon

History it has become;

In its inauguration in 1897, there were only 18 participants then. Today more than 500,000 athletes attend from all over the world. This makes the Boston marathon the most viewed event in New England.

World best event

Boston remains a unique tourist attraction destination with the pomp and color the marathon portrays. But evil follows good. Terrorists invaded the prestigious event some years back but this would not kill the spirit of the event. It even made the good citizens of the world to attend in their largest numbers ever seen.

Boston marathon attack

2013 Boston marathon boming made athletes the resolve to come out in large numbers in solidarity with the US citizens. The same spirit continues even in other world renown events like the New York marathon , Berlin marathon, London marathon, Chicago marathon and many more.

Marathon championship

Marathon championship calls for a lot of resilience and hard work resulting to a magical win. That’s the spirit of the Boston marathon for the longest it has been around. The same has inspired lots of generations not just in the US but globally.

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