Amazing Dubai Sports City Worth A Visit

Written by sports Guru- Wallace Muya:

Ever thought of understanding sports from a different angle? The Dubai Sports city (DSC) brings on board a variety of same traditional sports expressed in a different and unique environment worthy the curiosity.

Alternative sports city

The city is a multi venue sports complex. The same has built by Dubai. The 50 million square feet ground with a 25,000 sitting capacity for Dubai International Cricket stadium is a state of the art city that’s not only a sports city but still a tourist attraction.

Sports complex youth

Dubai has transformed itself from a desert stop to an all round center for anything name it. Dubai curiously gives people of all ages men and women boys and girls an opening for not just business but too a center for any discipline anyone anywhere would think fof.

Youth dubai sports

The ground breaking ceremony was hosted in the year 2004 which paved way to the opening of the facility in the year 2008. This according to many was a project made to last and built to be benchmarked by others to come in the future.

Sports complex city

Spanish soccer school Dubai;

The school has kids aged 5-16 who are over 700 of them from around the world, they are able to get first hand the Spanish football culture. The institution is under the leadership of Real Madrid football legend Míchel Salgado.

Soccer school dubai

The institute offers basic kids the rightful soccer knowledge to advance to professional footballing.

Dubai sports center

Dubai now ranks as the modern destination with the Emirates airline acquiring state of the art and latest airplanes that has a world wide presence. The well managed city of Dubai gives it a cutting edge standards that many cities are using to uplift the life’s of their citizenry.

A380 plane

Want to wonder and see the world think Dubai sports city that offers a variety of sports anyone would imagine in ones lifetime.

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